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CHEC is a resource for continuing education opportunities relevant to public health and medical practitioners working with vulnerable populations. 

ASPE 2007 Annual Meeting

CHEC Partner Claire Loe, MPH presented the poster "Non-Traditional Uses of Standardized Patient Educators: Community Health Centers, Migrant Health Centers and Local Health Departments" at the 2007 meeting of the Association of Standardized Patient Educators ( in Toronto, Ontario June 17-20.

The poster highlights work with SPs by CHEC and the Migrant Clinicians Network for the CDC-funded project HepTalk. It may be downloaded here: ASPE Poster (PDF - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

HIV and Women

New! Founding CHEC Partner and current check associate Carmen Retzlaff, MPH, also writes about health issues, including HIV. This paper is a compilation of several articles that provides a good background overview of issues relevant to HIV and women. Download it free here [pdf file].

Online Training

CHEC has collaborated with the Migrant Clinicians Network to develop the following courses.

  • Hepatitis ABC's for Migrant Health
  • Management of Binational Tuberculosis Patients
  • MCN 103: Overview of Migrant Population (first section of
    "Immunization Series" courses)

You can access them on the MCN website. MCN offers CHES and CNE credits, and applications are pending for CME credits.

These CHEC/MCN collaboratively created courses are coming soon on the MCN

  • The Changing Face of Migration

HepTalk Series:

  • Heptalk 101: Introduction to Migrant Health
  • Heptalk 102: Hepatitis Basics
  • Heptalk 103: Hepatitis Risk Assessment
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